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Can I transfer in credits from other schools and apply them toward my degree requirements?

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We may be able to award credit towards your degree of choice where applicable, if you have earned credit from an accredited institution and if you have earned a letter grade of C or better.

Please note the Time Limit Policies for the following schools:

Information Literacy is a mandatory requirement for all programs, this course must be completed within five years prior to submitting your committing to enroll. 

For Anatomy/Physiology and Microbiology, Excelsior College will consider credits earned less than five years prior to the date of completing the commitment to enroll process. The courses must be required courses for the ADn or BSn program at the college you attended.  Nursing courses completed within five years to the date of completing the commitment to enroll process will be reviewed by the School of Nursing.

Our undergraduate Business Component requirements must be completed within a fifteen year time frame prior to completing the commit to enroll process. Graduate Business courses must be completed within ten years prior to the date of commitment.

Technology courses must be completed within a ten year time frame prior to date of completing the commitment to enroll process. You may be able to submit a time limit appeal form for our faculty to review further if you have completed any Electronics or Computer Science courses over ten years.

Liberal Arts:
Our Bachelor of Science and Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Arts degrees without an area of concentration do not have a time limit for transfer credit. The Bachelors of Science in Natural Sciences  has a ten year time limit on Science courses.




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