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Is the Associates Degree in Nursing an online program?

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No, the Associates degree in Nursing (ADN) program is still primarily an exam-based program, although on-line courses are offered to provide students with additional flexibility in completing degree requirements. 

Students can complete the program almost entirely by taking Excelsior College Examinations (ECE's) or by taking a combination of online courses, exams, and Nursing Theory Conference Examinations (NTCX).

Please note, seating is limited for the Nursing online courses. 

Both the exams and courses cover the same content and have the same outcomes. The same textbooks are used in both options. Which option you choose depends on your learning style.

Students prepare for exams independently and at their own pace. Excelsior offers Content Guides and recommended textbooks to prepare for the exams. When ready, the student will register for the exam, pay the exam fee, and set up an appointment at a Pearson Vue Testing Center near them. A grade of C or better is needed to pass an exam.

Excelsior's online courses have a defined start and end date, typically within an eight week period. Students are required to complete assignments, take quizzes, and interact with other students and the faculty through weekly discussions. Students can log in at any time to work on their assignments and submit their coursework by required due dates.

We also offer a portion of the nursing theory examinations packaged with newly designed online conferences. These Nursing Theory Conference Examinations (NTCXs) provide you with a term-based experience to facilitate preparation for each nursing theory examination (offered in 8-week terms). You can read more about that option here.

Enrolled students can speak with an academic advisor to help determine which path to meeting degree requirements is best for them.



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