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Can I use Financial Aid to help pay for the ADN program?

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Students in the Associates Degree in Nursing program can use Federal Financial Aid for General Education, Nursing online courses, and the Nursing Theory Conference Examinations (NTCX), if they are eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

Please note that Course or Multi-Source options do not determine whether or not you will be able to use Financial Aid. Therefore, you can select the Multi-source Option or the Course Option and still use Financial Aid as long as you are eligible.

In order to use Financial Aid, you must either complete the commitment to enroll process or be an enrolled student, have course approval, and maintain half-time status by registering for at least 6 credits in Excelsior College online courses or Nursing Theory Conference Examinations (NTCX) within one Trimester. This could be satisfied by taking 3 credits in each of the two back to back 8 week terms, or 6 credits within a single term. The credits could be general education online courses, Nursing online courses, or Nursing Theory Conference Examinations. 

Students can take online courses under either the Course or Multi-source option, however the Course Option requires a student to take at least 12 credits in Excelsior College online courses by graduation. The Multi-Source Option does not require students to take a certain number of online course credits. This is a good option for a student who wants to test out of the majority of their requirements or for a student who will take less than 12 credits in Excelsior College online courses. If a student selects the Course Option and they are not able to take 12 credits in online courses by graduation, they would be required to switch to the Multi-Source Option before graduation and pay the difference in commitment fees.

Unfortunately, online Nursing courses can fill up quickly due to the large number of students in the program and limited seating. Course availability is not guaranteed, so students entering our ADN program should expect to take our ECE Nursing exams or Nursing Theory Conference Examinations rather than our online Nursing courses. 

Please note that only online courses and the Nursing Theory Conference Series Examinations count toward half time status. Federal rules exclude examinations from this calculation and Federal Student Aid cannot pay for exam-based credits. Federal Student Aid also cannot pay for the Focused Clinical Competency Assessment (FCCA) or the Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE) requirements of the ASN program.

Students who complete their degree requirements by taking our exams should still complete the FAFSA in order to qualify for one of our scholarships. Scholarships are approximately $600 - $900 and are awarded in April, August, and December each year. Although these scholarships are disbursed 3 times a year, a student can only be granted one per academic year.



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