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How do I apply for admission?

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Our preliminary review will give you an idea of approximately how many of your prior college credits may apply to one of our degree programs, and approximately how many additional credits you will need to earn in order to complete your degree. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete.
You may apply online through your MyExcelsior account that you will set up on our website.  If  you don't have an account already, you will log onto our homepage and select the "Log in to MyExcelsior" button at the top right side of the page.  Then on the left side of the page select "Create a MyExcelsior User Account." Please fill out the information that follows. Once your MyExcelsior account is set up, scroll down and click on the apply button.

Once your application is complete, we will notify you by e-mail and you will be able to view the results of your preliminary review through your MyExcelsior account. Your next step will then be to submit your Commitment to Enroll. You will then work with an Academic Advisor who will help you create a degree plan and provide you with approval for your degree requirements.



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